The Great Online Migration

Since the beginning of 2020, even before the COVID-19 Pandemic started, there have been major changes in the publishing industry in terms of production and distribution of content. Depending on the audience of that content, innovative ways must be developed to deliver what is needed to as large an audience as possible. One area where that has been most affected is education. While online courses and learning have been a part of K-12 and higher education, and professional training for over 20 years — in one form or another — there has been an increased urgency for content and material that can be delivered to students and employees at a low cost and in an efficient manner. 

Covid-19 has changed the educational and training landscape as more educational institutions and companies move their teaching and training needs online. Suddenly many teachers and trainers are being thrust into unfamiliar territory because they have little experience delivering and teaching materials online. Many companies and institutions are ill-equipped in terms of infrastructure, content, and delivery systems to meet the sudden and large demand that has arisen because of the pandemic. Even now, six months after the virus’ appearance and the subsequent shutdowns because of it, delivery systems are still slowly being implemented, and creating and transferring content to these systems is proving difficult.

As online solutions have become a more attractive avenue to learning, there is a real possibility of creating a low-cost way of integrating user content into a current Learning Management System (LMS). While there may be educational publishers that are well established in terms of proprietary content, online applications, supplements, etc., we here at S4Carlisle can provide services that they may not. Many institutions, organizations, and trainers, and instructors may already have their own content and are in need of services that will present this content in an online format. Through learning management systems of the client’s choice, S4Carlisle can create content by offering multimedia components like video, animation, audio, ancillaries, real-time accessibility services, as well as translation services.

Aside from covering K-12 and higher education, S4Carlisle can be a benefit to vocational colleges as well as aid those training in human resources departments in private companies as well as non-profits and governmental agencies. The amount of hardcopy and electronic training and occupational manuals is enormous with demand rising every year as new rules and regulations are implemented. Professional and educational associations have various training requirements for their members every year as well as exams that must be taken for certification.

The world is changing, moving services that have been traditionally done in person to an online environment is becoming of utmost importance, and it must be done quickly. The United States was slow to react to current events and thus may continue to hold classes and training online well into 2021. Many employees and students, as well as their instructors, may feel more comfortable learning at home for the foreseeable future. We can make it easier for them to get the information out they need quickly and easily.

S4Carlisle provides the same services mentioned above (multimedia components, ancillaries,  accessibility, and translation) to any area where an organization needs to get content delivered to their specifications. Because of our years of experience doing this, we have the ability to do it faster, cheaper, all while offering customizability and quality customer service. 

In our next blog post, we will be looking at multimedia learning in higher education, vocational learning, and government and organizational training. S4Carlisle is able to meet the needs of the increased demand to move content online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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